Has the PR industry failed to reskill for SEO - and will social media be the next missed opportunity?

1st July 2010

Blog post by Stephen Waddington
Blog post by Daryll Willcox
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Blog post by Philip Sheldrake
Follow up post by Philip Sheldrake

Has the PR industry missed the boat on the optimisation of web content to attract the attention of Google, more commonly known as search engine optimisation? The emergence of the multi-million pound search industry during the last decade suggests that may be the case.

Search agencies are increasingly packaging planning, content development and analytics, into a payment-by-results model. It’s a compelling proposition for a marketing director that is seeking guaranteed outcomes.

Now search agencies are starting to use PR tactics such as press releases, bylined content and wire distribution to drive their campaigns prompting the scrutiny of the role of PR versus SEO.
Join participants from the PR and SEO industries including Sourcewire’s Daryl Willcox, Nixon McInnes’ Will McInnes and SiteVisibility’s Kelvin Newman to debate the issue on Thursday evening. The two-hour session will kick-off at the CIPR’s headquarters in Russell Square, London at 5pm. The cost is £10 on the door to cover beers and nibbles.

Hosted by Stephen Waddington and Phil Sheldrake.

Stephen Waddington
MD of Speed, a PR agency that manages the reputations of businesses in traditional, online and social media. Ex-hack, conference speaker and media commentator on topics related to public relations, social media, digital and traditional media.

Philip Sheldrake

Famous for "appropriating" the flood data held by the Environment Agency and representing it to the UK public in a much more usable Google maps mashup format, before the legal letters arrived and the issue hit the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
Wrote The Social Web Analytics eBook 2008, downloaded over 90,000 times!

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