The CIPR's Social Summer
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UPDATE April 2011: The CIPR Social Summer is back by popular demand. Further info on how the schedule is coming together can be found here - CIPR Social Summer 2011.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2010: The CIPR Social Summer has now officially ended for 2010 but we are hoping to kick-start the 'socials' again in January 2011 if there is enough demand.

If you have any suggestions about new sessions or changes we can make then please do let us know. The panel is keen to hear from you. Just join the wiki and leave us a note on the discussion page!

The CIPR's Social Summer 2010 is a series of interactive and stimulating workshops delivered with panache by members of the CIPR Social Media panel and other social media thinking and doing types. The workshops aren't quite the usual... for one thing, this is the first CIPR series pulled together openly on a wiki, by CIPR members and non-members, with each workshop owner having completely free reign to tempt you with the fruits of their grey stuff, experience and let's say "unique" view on the world.

  • Share a glass of wine or a beer with your peers and feel the social media force rise within.
  • Nearly every Thursday over the Summer 5pm-7pm.
  • £10 on the door please to cover the cost of the tipples and nibbles (not payable by those running the workshops of course!)

Please note: this is a series run by members rather than by the CIPR team directly (although thanks Sarah and Eloise for your support). So please, if you have any questions, do one of the following:
  • Click the Discussion tab above and, well, discuss!
  • Tweet @sheldrake
  • Tweet with the hashtag #ciprsm
and someone will respond the same day for sure.

(Tell me more about the differences between the Social Summer, Freshly Squeezed and PRofessional series)

How to use this wiki

Please edit away anywhere you like on this wiki as you see fit... just click "Edit" top right, although please consider registering with this wiki first (by clicking "Join" top right) so everyone can see who edited what. Or use the "Discussion" tab at the top of each page to, well, discuss.

The London Sessions

At CIPR HQ, 52-53 Russell Square, London,

Follow the links in the "What" column to find out more detail and you can also let us know if you're coming by clicking the link in the last column (requires LinkedIn profile).
Also, this link takes you to all the future events as published on LinkedIn.




3rd June

Philip Sheldrake

The Art and Science of Social Web Analytics and How to Avoid Wasting Your Time.

10th June

Ben Scott Robinson & Si Crowhurst

Mobile. The Whole World In Your Stakeholders Hands.

17th June

No session

As you might want to be at Social Media Marketing 2010 instead.

24th June

Andrew Smith

What has Google Ever Done For PR? Using Google Tools To Build and Drive PR campaigns.

1st July

Stephen Waddington and pals

Has the PR industry failed to reskill for SEO - and will social media be the next miss opportunity?

8th July

Stuart Bruce

Grabbing ahold of social media. Social media is all so new 'innit, or is it? We've really done it all before.

15th July

Iain Dodsworth, MD TweetDeck (this is a new session, and Julio's has moved to the 29th)

TweetDeck, Twitter and other status updates.

22nd July

Mark Adams

The Social Stigma of Losing Your Hard-Won Mayorship

29th July

Julio Romo (previously scheduled for the 15th July)

Social Media Meets News and TV.

5th August

Stephen Waddington

How To Get Ahead In Social. How To Build Your Own Online Reputation.

12th August

Steve Earl

Social Media In Real Life. Why Social Networking Isn't Just Screen Based.

19th August

Ged Carroll

Social Media No-No's, and How To Tell Your Boss / Client They're Wrong.

26th August

Philip Sheldrake

Where Next? Here Comes Web 3.0 and the Internet of Things.

Please note that only those sessions with a "I'm coming" hyperlink in the last column are confirmed right now. We're working on the other sessions, but this is your wiki too so jump in if you want to edit anything, discuss anything (discussion tab at the top of each page) or put yourself forward to run something or other.
2nd Sept

Guy Clapperton (his book)

The Twitter Special. A review of the basics.. ramping up to intermediate... power users...and who are these gurus, mavens and other jargon-ridden types?

9th Sept

David Phillips (his book too!)

Approaching digital

16th Sept

Stephen Waddington

The LinkedIn Special- networking in the most powerful business social network

23rd Sept

Josh March

Brand engagment using FacebookHow to make a your Facebook page a success - and how to judge it!

30th Sept

Simon Sanders

Setting up a blog: Blogging Platforms - which one to choose when you're only choosing one?
A look at the wonder of WordPress, the power of Posterous, and the temptations of Tumblr - a chance to discover the right way to 'do your thing' and make it 'zing'.

7th Oct

Steve Virgin

What is your Wikipedia strategy?Next January 15 it will be 10 years since the birth of Wikipedia. The project's remarkable growth looks set to continue for the next ten years.

14th Oct

Andrew Smith

What has Google ever done for PR? - a repeat of Andrew Smith's session (link to the previous session) simply because it's awesome. If you missed it first time round, don't miss out this time. And come again to help it all sink in!

21st Oct

28th Oct

Paul Wilkinson

Community management - Online or offline, it's a people thing!

I'm coming

Biographies / Contacts / Links / Famous for...

Andrew Smith
According to journalist Jack Schofield at The Guardian, I was the second PR person in the UK to begin sending press releases via e-mail in 1991 (hat tip to then Apple UK PR Manager Frank O'Mahoney who beat me by a few weeks).

Stuart Bruce

Julio Romo

Mark Adams
Co-founded Pembridge Partners LLP, Text 100 / Next Fifteen and COO of The Conversation Group.

Stephen Waddington

Steve Earl

Ged Carroll
Ged is also an underground club DJ playing deep house regularly throughout London and is currently trying to get his head around Logic Pro 7 for the Mac.

Philip Sheldrake
Famous for "appropriating" the flood data held by the Environment Agency and representing it to the UK public in a much more usable Google maps mashup format, before the legal letters arrived and the issue hit the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
Wrote The Social Web Analytics eBook 2008, downloaded over 90,000 times!

Ben Scott-Robinson

David Phillips FCIPR
A long time ago (in 1995), David alerted the CIPR Annual Conference to the internet as significant to PR practice. Chairman of the joint CIPR/PRCA Internet Commission 1999/2000, author of three online PR practice books (the latest for the CIPR with Philip Young of Sunderland University), Practitioner and digital consultant, published lecturer, broadcaster. Inveterate Inventor of digital toys for PR practice. Even Prof James Grunig thinks he is a scholar!

Paul Wilkinson
Banished to the B2B wastelands of a battered construction industry since the late 1980s, Wikipedian, blogger and collaborative IT evangelist, Paul has spent the past two years managing an online community, Be2camp (Built Environment + Web 2.0 + Barcamp) for people interested in applying social media in the built environment. In the process, he's learned a bit about nurturing interest groups spanning the real and digital worlds.

Simon Sanders
Erstwhile copywriter, radio producer, music journalist, sponsorship consultant, marketing manager - and that's just the stuff he owns up to. Currently Head of Digital at Lansons Communications.

Laura Price
Social Media Manager for Honda Motor Europe

To get an idea of her work see this blog about the Honda crowd sourced multimedia car launch film
To get an idea of its YouTube reach

  • PR Executive at Honda Motor Europe Ltd
  • Communications Manager at What Green Car?
  • MINI Media Relations Assistant at BMW (UK) Ltd